Kuro Gyaru Mommy

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Sometimes single mothers need a bit of help in their personal lives—good thing this one has a friendly next-door neighbor happy to assist!


J18 is back again with Shiawase na Choushoku with another MILF story, Kuro Gyaru Mommy! If you’ve been awaiting more MILF content minus the mother-son angle, we’ve got you covered with this sexy single mother story!

Taku’s a single guy in his early thirties, and he lives next door to Yukino: a real stunner, living alone with her daughter Momo. She’ll occasionally ask him for help around her apartment… and she’s more than happy to suck him off as thanks when he’s done! But does Yukino really just see Taku as a friendly fuckbuddy, or is she looking for something more with him? Taku’s already got the dad bod—maybe it’s time for him to get a promotion to daddy!

J18 Publishing and Shiawase na Choushoku are happy to present this special English edition of Kuro Gyaru Mommy! Presented in the original large-format B5 size, this release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version… of course, minus all that pesky censorship. If you’ve gotten tired of high school gyarus and wished for one with a little more meat on her bones, this is the gyaru doujinshi you’ve been waiting for!

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