Dickgirl, Meet Straight Girl + The First Date

Artist: Itami
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Sparks will fly when this party girl delinquent meets her match in a straitlaced student government member with a cock as large as her libido!


J18 and Itami are back with another wonderful futanari compilation, this time with Dickgirl, Meet Straight Girl + The First Date! Students Ichiki Maya and Senju Uraraka are as different from one another as two girls can possibly be… but when it comes to the bedroom, they might just be a match made in heaven!

A pink-haired troublemaker, Ichiki Maya hates schoolwork and loves dickā€”and more than that, loves shaking their owners down for cash! But there’s one girl standing in the way of her slacking off at school: Senju Uraraka, an uptight rich girl who seems to have it out for her. Little does Maya know that Uraraka actually has the hots for her… and more than that, an absolutely massive cock with which to act on her desires! It isn’t long before conflict erupts between them, and Uraraka gets her chance to make Maya putty in her arms (and around her dick!)

But the story doesn’t end there: as the title gives away, these two opposites attract to form a fantastic futanari relationship. Nestled within these two covers lies a second story, detailing Maya and Uraraka’s first proper date outside school… and the sexual mischief they get up to on the way! No surprises here: just loving sex between two girls who can’t wait to get it on with one another. If that sounds right up your alley, then Dickgirl, Meet Straight Girl + The First Date is ready to deliver!

J18 Publishing and Itami are proud to present Dickgirl, Meet Straight Girl + The First Date in this special two-in-one English edition. Presented in the original large-format B5 size, this release preserves everything you loved about reading the Japanese original… minus all that pesky censorship, of course! Of course we’ve got a special interview at the end for you, making this a special addition to your collection… so what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this compilation today!

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