The Closing Arcana

Publisher: Summer Salt
Ships from: USA


There’s no fire and brimstone here, just pancakes and chocolate syrup… and this sugar-sweet anthology is nine full-serving stories in one!


Publisher Summer Salt is back, this time working with the circle Catacombe to bring you The Closing Arcana! Drawing inspiration from 2020’s hit indie video game Helltaker, this collection features nine artists’ depictions of the dirty deeds between Helltaker’s demonic dynamic duo: Justice and Judgement!

Led by artist canthor, this anthology features the work of eight additional artists: YOROZUMARU, gram, matsuru, Siomusubi, una, Trio, bara, and noah! The theme of each story is Justice x Judgement, and every artist has come up with a unique way to showcase it. Filled with stories to savor such as Justice, You’ve Taken This Too Far!, Snacktime, My Sweet Pancake, and more, there’s bound to be something in this splendid story collection for everyone!

Summer Salt is delighted to have worked directly with circle Catacombe and each individual artist to create this very special English edition. Printed in the same A5 size as the original release, release, this English version faithfully recreates the artwork quality available to Japanese readers–but now without one bit of censorship, so you can enjoy each artist’s original vision for their work! For all the Helltaker fans out there, this collection is a must-buy!

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