My Life After Bringing Home a Runaway Highschool Gal

Artist: Omizu Chihiro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This office worker may not have shaved, but he’s still bringing home a high school girl!


From artist Omizu Chihiro and J18 Publishing, this is the story of an unlikely romance between a middle-aged office worker and a runaway high school girl who falls for him!

Yosuke is a thirty-something corporate worker, living with runaway high school girl Arisa! She cooks, she cleans, and loves having sex with him as thanks for the room and board! But why did Arisa run away from home in the first place? Is this a relationship that could ever last, or is this romance destined to end in tragedy?

J18 Publishing and Omizu Chihiro are proud to present this special English edition of High School Gal: My Life After Bringing Home a Runaway! Printed in the same format as the Japanese original but without any pesky censorship, this is the age-gap romance you’ve been waiting for!

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