Succubus Blows Her First Day on the Job

Artist: Ichinose land
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This succubus isn’t just full of herself—now she’s full of human spunk too!


Ichinose Land makes her English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Succubus Blows Her First Day on the Job! Milly’s a succubus straight out of semen demon school, ready to drain the whole world dry… but for her first “meal”, she bites off a whole lot more than she can chew!

Soichiro is a virgin, a bookworm, married to his homework: the perfect target for any succubus wanting to cut her teeth, right? But little does Milly know, he’s got a monster cock and the stamina of a linebacker! Instead of being an easy first target for her to test her succubus wiles, Soichiro pounds her pussy into mush—and to make things worse, succubi are automatically imprinted with an ownership crest when a human male makes them cum! Soichiro is Milly’s master now, but at least he’s got a big dick and loads of creamy cum to sate her succubus appetite…that is, if she can rip him away from his studies.

Ichinose Land and J18 Publishing are giggling as they present this special English edition of Succubus Blows Her First Day on the Job! Presented in the original B5 format and with all dialogue and SFX translated and lettered, this release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version… and now, you can appreciate Ichinose Land’s gorgeous artwork without any censorship! Milly can’t wait for you to buy a volume and take her home—and you wouldn’t make her sad, would you?

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