Please Knock Me Up

Artist: Pochincoff
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


In a far-flung future, the world is ruled not by humans, but by robots… and they look so cute and squishy and sexable.

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Pochincoff makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Please Knock Me Up! In the distant future, humanity is governed not by fellow members of its race, but by robots… and it’s only a matter of time before one of them tries to figure out why humans are always so horny.

Chlarastella is a hard-working robotic custodian of humanity, but she never takes any time for her own enjoyment! When her superiors suggest she take a vacation to learn about pleasure, Chlarastella seeks out a human to learn about what they find enjoyable. To make her silky-smooth machined body even better-suited for sex, she has some squishy breasts and sex organs installed… and then the human race teaches her just how to have fun in her spare time!

Pochincoff and J18 Publishing are pleased to present this special English edition of Please Knock Me Up. Available in print for the first time anywhere, every last line of dialogue and SFX has been translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about the Japanese version in this physical English release! And of course, the whole thing is 100% uncensored so you can appreciate every last bit of servo-smashing robot sex.

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