Precious Playmates Anthology Book 2

Artist: Mimic
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Some men are difficult to shop for, but rest assured: for every master, there is a Precious Playmate.


Dive back into Mimic’s beautifully-illustrated fantasy world with Precious Playmates Anthology Book 2! Suisen is a Precious Playmate with a bottomless stomach and insatiable appetite… and the famous beast hunter Housen may have what it takes to satisfy both!

Among Precious Playmates, there are those who are unsalable to normal masters—but fate always presents a Playmate with her proper partner, and this holds true for Suisen! An endlessly hungry girl from a strange, mysterious tribe, she’s the perfect match for Housen the hunter: a man with the vitality (and virility) of countless powerful species interbred into his current lineage! His prowess is unmatched on the great plains, hunting wild tuskboars… and the size of his loads is unmatched in the bedroom as well, to the point that brothels and red light districts eject him on sight. But Suisen is special, and Housen is about to learn just how special she really is…

J18 Publishing and Mimic are proud to present Precious Playmates Anthology Book 2! Containing installments four and five of Mimic’s Precious Playmates series, this special English edition is printed in the original B5 format and features fully-translated, lovingly-lettered dialogue and SFX to complement the gorgeous artwork! Translated directly from the original Chinese and featuring an exclusive two-page interview with bonus sketches, this release is the best way for Mimic’s English-speaking fans to appreciate their work!

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