Please! Freeze! Please! After-School Sex Ed

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Tsukami and Idabashi have enjoyed having Mayumura all to themselves in the library, but what will happen when quiet observer Hayakawa wants in on their group of friends with benefits?!

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Shiwasu no Okina returns with J18 Publishing for a sequel to Please! Freeze! Please! with his After-School Sex Ed doujinshi! Our intrepid trio of student librarians has managed to avoid detection by any of their fellow students, but how will they handle their classmate Hayakawa admitting she wants in on Mayumura too?!

Thanks to Tsukami and Idabashi, Mayumura’s overcome his awkwardness around girls… and thanks to Mayumura, Tsukami and Idabashi haven’t had to worry about being chilly in the library! Their mutually beneficial relationship continues in secret… until one day they’re confronted by the quiet Hayakawa, who wants some of what Mayumura has for herself! And she has something to offer in return: while she may be taciturn on the outside, she’s actually got a secret sexy social media account where she posts her nude selfies for all to see! Tsukami and Idabashi are ready to accept Hayakawa into their FWB group and transform their threesome into a foursome… so long as she and Mayumura sample their bodily compatibility first!

J18 Publishing and Shiwasu no Okina are pleased to present Please! Freeze! Please! After-School Sex Ed in this special English edition! Featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX and presented in the original B5 format, this special doujinshi sequel to Please! Freeze! Please! preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version… and as always, is 100% free of all that pesky censorship! This doujinshi is packed with just as much steamy sex as the original tankoubon, so grab yourself a copy and get in on these library sexcapades yourself!

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