The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T Duty: Stopping Lewd and Unethical Tomfoolery Vol. 1 (Second Printing)

Artist: Amano Don
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Getting stressed out by school? Don’t worry, the hall monitor on S.L.U.T. duty is here for you!


Amano Don returns to J18 Publishing with a new original doujinshi series, The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty! When an all-girls academy goes co-ed, they have to find a way to keep the libidos of its new male students in check… and the S.L.U.T. Initiative is born!

Izumi Shinji is the first male student to ever attend the Promiscuum Academy, and the administration wants to stop sexual impropriety among students before it ever begins. The solution: assign third-year student Sakurai Hana to S.L.U.T duty, and proactively relieve Izumi’s desires before he takes them out on any other students! A blowjob here, some bareback sex there—anything to make sure Izumi’s libido stays in check! But can the relationship between Sakurai and Izumi stay strictly professional, or is something more brewing in the background?

Amano Don and J18 Publishing are proud to present this special English edition of the first installment of The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty. Fully translated, lovingly lettered, and presented in the original B5 format, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate this fantastic story without a single black bar of censorship! Maybe Izumi’s the only boy allowed at the academy, but you can attend in spirit when you pick up your copy of this doujinshi!

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