Über Dicks

Artist: Denbu Momo
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Feeling horny? An Über Dick will be at your door in minutes…


Denbumomo makes their J18 Publishing debut with Über Dicks! This sex-focused startup delivers dicks direct to your door, perfect for the modern working woman!

Tochimoto Kana has a problem: she’s too horny to go to work. Luckily for her, making an account on Über Dicks only takes a minute! Once she selects from all the varying shapes, sizes, and stiffnesses the service has to offer, she has a dick en route to her door! It’s Kana’s first time using Über Dicks, so it takes her a few minutes to get comfortable with the 27-year old, 16 centimeter, “extremely stiff” young man named Taka who arrives at her apartment… but a couple courteous suggestions later, and she’s riding Über Dicks like a pro! (No tip necessary, just a good review if you enjoyed yourself.)

Denbumomo and J18 Publishing are pleased to present this special English edition of Über Dicks. Featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this doujinshi is also presented in the original B5 format to preserve everything you loved about the original… minus all that pesky censorship! If this description made you horny, order a copy of Über Dicks to your door today!

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