Femboy Family Fun Book

Artist: Etori Yuuya
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


A two-in-one tale of forceful feminization and fantasy fucking, this is the femboy anthology you’ve been yearning for to fill that femboy hole in your… soul.

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The wait is over, and Etori Yuuya is back with J18 publishing with a hot new anthology: the Femboy Family Fun Book! Packaging together two of his finest femboy stories, these 88 pages are filled with all the feminization content you can stand!

First up in this collection is While You Were Sleeping, the story of a civil servant’s son who flouts authority one time too many! Okaya Takao’s father is a powerful man, but apparently daddy isn’t interested in getting his son out of trouble anymore! Takao’s been captured by a strange group called the Morning Glory Society, and a young man named Yako lets Takao know he’s been reformed… reformed into the perfect girl, that is! How will Takao’s new life as a girl unfold?!

The second story in this anthology is Family Crusher, the story of a crossdressing callboy(?) who worms his way into a family’s life! Midori is a high schooler, and his father is doing the best he can to raise him as a single parent… but adults have sexual needs that need taking care of, and Midori’s father starts calling the sweet, innocent Yae to the house while his son is away! However, the only thing sweet and innocent about Yae is his face: he’s got a monster cock, and a sadistic streak. Will Midori’s father’s relationship with Yae change the family dynamic for the better, or for the worse…?

These two stories share a universe, so it only makes sense to group them together in this new English-language anthology, brought to you by J18 Publishing and Etori Yuuya! Both full-color covers are included within, along with both original artist afterwords! Printed at the same high quality as the original but without any censorship, this is the best way to appreciate Etori Yuuya’s fantastic femboy art as it was meant to be seen!

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