I Will Gently Steal Your Girl

Artist: HG Chagawa
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


When your childhood friend Mr. Steal Your Girl is back in town for business, make sure he doesn’t have time for pleasure.

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HG Chagawa is hitting the J18 Publishing shelves with his debut story, I Will Gently Steal Your Girl! This one’s a little treat for all you NTR lovers out there!

Inami Rio and Fuyutsuki Haruta have been friends since they were little. Haruta’s always wished Rio would see him as boyfriend material, but Rio’s never treated him as anything other than a little brother to look after. However, there’s one more character to turn this story into a love triangle: Natsukawa Kaito, the oldest of the three and the leader of their little trio. He’s back in town for work… and the instant Rio learns, she waltzes straight into his arms. Does Haruta stand a chance at winning her over before it’s too late?!

J18 Publishing is proud to present HG Chagawa’s first-ever English-translated doujinshi! This special release is printed in the same format and high quality as the Japanese release, and made even better by the removal of all that pesky censorship! If you’re a fan of NTR, this is the book for you!

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