Artist: Aoin
Publisher: Summer Salt
Ships from: USA


Whether you rest at a bonfire, sculptor’s idol, or lamp, there will always be a woman waiting to replenish your strength.


Aoin returns to Summer Salt with a three-in-one doujinshi, Healers! Combining his doujinshi featuring the women from Dark Souls, Sekiro, and Bloodborne, Healers features our protagonists named and unnamed both as they receive strength (and ministrations) from each tale’s female companion…

Chapter 1 features the Ashen One and the Fire Keeper, as she requests a moment of tenderness and comfort from him before he extinguishes her life, taking the eyes of a fire keeper back into his possession. Chapter 2 features Master Wolf and Emma bonding over a pot of unrefined sake intended for the sculptor, but best enjoyed by two people prepared to indulge in one another’s company. And Chapter 3 features the Hunter and the Plain Doll, joined as one while they hasten the birth of something great and terrible beyond themselves… Aoin’s beautiful art deepens the reader’s connection to the sensual stories within this three-in-one anthology, making it a must-have for any fans of the original games.

Summer Salt and Aoin are pleased to present this special English edition of Healers. Presented in large-format B5 size and featuring fully-translated and lettered SFX and dialogue, this release preserves all the beauty and character of Aoin’s three doujinshi—and translated directly from Chinese, not an ounce of sentiment is lost. Rest well… for when you rise, another trial awaits.

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