Attack of the Succubus Sisters

Artist: Usashiro Mani
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


When two sexy succubus sisters want you bad and beg you to stuff them full of cum, you say yes!


Usashiro Mani makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Attack of the Succubus Sisters! In this three-chapter anthology, you’ll get to know twin succubi Lulu and Lily—and while their bodies might be small, they’ve found the perfect man to feed their tremendous sexual appetites!

Kotaro is your average, girlfriend-less guy… and that makes him the perfect target for succubi! Lulu and Lily are identical twins, though you’d never guess it from Lily’s bountiful boobies and Lulu’s petite puppies. But the important part is that their adorable little bodies are twice as tight as full-grown succubi, which means they feel twice as good! In Chapter 1, Lulu and Lily realize just how potent Kotaro’s dick has become from being so pent-up, and realize they don’t want to spend another day without him pumping a hot load inside them! In Chapter 2, the girls sneak into his school while everyone else is at assembly and have themselves a friendly sibling rivalry over who gets to fuck him first! And in Chapter 1.5 (which is in glorious full-color), Lulu sneaks in some alone time with Kotaro while Lily takes remedial blowjob lessons! With two succubus sisters and three fantastic chapters, Attack of the Succubus Sisters is a must-have for any fan of succubi big or small: less is more, but more is better!

J18 Publishing and Usashiro Mani are proud to present this special three-chapter compilation of Attack of the Succubus Sisters! Every last bit of dialogue and SFX in this book has been translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about reading the original Japanese edition, and Chapter 1.5 has even been faithfully reproduced in full color—now in print for the first time ever! Whether you love your succubi big or small, both of these girls are dedicated to pleasing you… so take them both home with you today!

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