Class and Curves

Artist: Mori Manpei
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Sweet girls, sweet boys, and sweet sex: that’s what Class and Curves promises, and that’s what it delivers!


Mori Manpei makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Class and Curves! We wanted to read these four chapters of incredibly sweet, comfy romance so badly, we got them for you as an advance tankoubon—so dig right in, and enjoy your first taste of Mori Manpei vanilla!

Daiki and Hinako are the stars of the first two chapters, “Spring Has Come” and “It’s Always Sunny When I’m With You”! Daiki’s a big silly golden retriever of a boyfriend, and his girlfriend Hinako loves him all the more for it. She’s already in college, and Daiki’s studying to get into the same school as her… so when he passes his entrance exams, she invites him over for a very special celebration! Thanks to being in college together, they see each other every day—and even if that doesn’t mean sex, Daiki’s just happy to spend time with his GF. But on the days when it does, they go at it with the passion that only comes from true love!

The last two chapters are “One Christmas Eve” and “One More Time With You”, starring meet-cute couple Shinnosuke and Sena! He’s a salaryman, jilted by his girlfriend on Christmas Eve right after proposing marriage; she’s a florist, who just dumped her boyfriend after learning he cheated on her. The two of them share Christmas Eve together, each exactly what the other needs… and when Shinnosuke wakes up the next day, she’s gone. A year later, Shinnosuke’s dating again, but one day he runs into Sena again—and realizes he can’t let her slip through his fingers this time.

J18 Publishing and Mori Manpei are delighted to present this special English edition of Class and Curves. This advance tankoubon is presented in large-format B5, just like you’d read it in a magazine! Every last bit of dialogue and SFX has been translated and lettered, preserving everything you loved about the Japanese chapters… and of course with J18, you can drool over Mori Manpei’s artwork fully uncensored! This book is sweet and pure and everything vanilla, so you’d better buy it quick before it’s gone!

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