Residence: Reborn Through Twisted Desire

Artist: DATE
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


You may think your body and mind are your own… but humans are weak, and the forces of the supernatural have ravenous appetites.


DATE brings body horror back to J18 Publishing with Residence: Reborn Through Twisted Desire! Sexual pleasures feel so much better in a woman’s body, and there are mysterious forces that desire such a form for themselves!

In Residence, ownership of your body and mind can slip through your fingers in the blink of an eye! Such is the case in the eponymous four-chapter story “Residence”, where a phantasm residing in an abandoned mansion lures male adventurers inside… before transforming them into the women as whom they imagine themselves in the deepest recesses of their hearts! They may vigorously protest against their transformations, but they are powerless against their own desires! But some forces are less subtle: in the two-chapter “Mimic: Predator”, a student council is forced to reckon with a mysterious alien slime that seems to have assimilated every human at their school! The slime can absorb its host’s shape, voice, and even their memories… and unable to tell who is human and who is slime, the students become driven by their deepest fears and desires! Other stories feature regular humans with preternatural abilities like “Doppelgänger”, where a man with the power to split his soul into another’s body uses it to possess other men’s wives and rob them blind! But what if the half of his soul he splits off starts to develop its own desires… and decides rather than be forced return to his body, it wants to remain a woman forever? More chapters of brain and body control await within Residence… so you’d better buy a copy while your desires are still your own!

J18 Publishing and DATE are pleased to present this special English edition of Residence: Reborn Through Twisted Desire. Presented in the original A5 format and featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved and feared about the original Japanese version… except now, you can shiver in fear of DATE’s artwork without a single black bar of censorship!

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