Sexy Elf Loves Burly Orc

Artist: Ichinose land
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


The full moon fills orcs with an insatiable urge to breed, so it’s a good thing Urga has an elf who’s more than happy to satisfy his lust!


Ichinose Land returns to J18 Publishing with Sexy Elf Loves Burly Orc! Urga and his traveling companion Selphine get along very well for an elf and an orc, but every full moon, their relationship considerably deepens…

When young orc Urga leaves his village to hone his culinary skills, it isn’t long before he’s attacked by a band of adventurers who think he’s a monster… and the gorgeous elf Selphine swoops in to save him! She decides to travel with Urga to make sure he’s never attacked again, but this presents him with a problem: every month brings a full moon, and the irresistible urge to breed his elven companion! Urga tries his best to sequester himself from Selphine, but she tracks him down… and tells him she not only understands the depths of his lust, but wishes to satisfy it herself! So every month, come the full moon, Selphine and Urga retire to a private place… and he breeds her like his life depends on it!

J18 Publishing and Ichinose Land are pleased to present this special English edition of Sexy Elf Loves Burly Orc. Presented in the original B5 format and  featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version… and now, you can appreciate Ichinose Land’s elven beauties get bred without a single black bar of censorship! Urga might get to have sex with Selphine every month, but an Ichinose Land doujinshi is far rarer—so buy your copy today!

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