Kakushidere: Hidden Love

Artist: Hyocoro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Every tsundere’s prickly exterior conceals a sweet, lovey-dovey center—you just have to tease it out of her!


Hyocoro returns to J18 Publishing, this time with his oldest tankoubon Kakushidere: Hidden Love! Featuring the tsunderes who put Hyocoro on the map, this book is a must-have for readers who prefer their women spicy before they’re sweet!

Kakushidere contains some of Hyocoro’s most iconic chapters, kicking off with the eponymous “Hidden Love” featuring the ill-tempered Nonoka (from the cover of this book!), her classmate Hiroaki, and his older brother! Hiroaki would love to be Nonoka’s boyfriend, but he quails in the face of her overwhelming attitude… so if won’t take her, maybe his older brother will prove capable of putting Nonoka in her place! And no tsundere tankoubon would be complete without a tsundere little sister, which is where “Chocolatey Li’l Sis Sex” comes in! Makoto is older brother to his little step-sister Misaki, and he’s pretty sure she hates his guts—until he walks in on her jilling off on his bed! Turns out she’s been saving herself for her big brother for ten years… so it’s a good thing their parents aren’t home for all the lovey-dovey sibling sex that comes next! But there’s one girl in this book who’s sweet from the start: Sakurako, the belt buckle-height heroine of “The Flower, the Pig, and the Combo Meal”! She’s crushing on heavyset gamer and local diner line cook Suzuki, and presents him an offer he can’t possibly refuse: if she can beat him in a fighting video game, she gets to take him on a date! There are six more impatient tsunderes for you in this book (including Hyocoro’s first-ever h-manga heroine!) so you’d better not keep them waiting!

J18 Publishing and Hyocoro are delighted to present this special English edition of Kakushidere: Hidden Love. Presented in the original A5 format and featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved from back when you read the original Japanese chapters… except now, you can finally appreciate Hyocoro’s earliest manga in all its uncensored glory! These girls might be hiding their love for you, but there’s no need for you to hide your love for this tankoubon—buy a copy today!

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