I Didn’t Want to Know

Artist: Kise Itsuki
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Does it ever frighten you, knowing how good it would feel to give your body over to a man obsessed with pleasuring you into a puddle?


Kise Itsuki makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in I Didn’t Want to Know! None of the boys in Hotaru’s class can satisfy her, but when she learns how good it feels to be dominated by an older man, she fears she’ll never be able to go back!

Hayakawa Hotaru’s got a sugar daddy, but he’s not interested in sex—he pays Hotaru just for the pleasure of her time. That is, until one day he offers her more money that she’s ever seen… in exchange for obeying his every word for one night. He swears she’ll never be hurt, never be degraded, and Hotaru accepts his offer. But he has no intention of having sex with her: just making her cum over and over again with toys, his fingers, anything but penetrating her himself. It feels so incredible, Hotaru can’t think of anything other than him fucking her… and that scares her. How much control is she prepared to give him, in exchange for indescribable unknown pleasures?

J18 Publishing and Kise Itsuki are pleased to present this special English edition of I Didn’t Want to Know. Presented in the original B5 format, this release features fully translated dialogue and SFX to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese version… except now, you can appreciate Kise Itsuki’s artwork without any of that pesky censorship! We hope you do want to know what pleasures are waiting for you in this doujinshi… so why not buy a copy today?

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