Loveless Sex

Artist: Nekoi Hikaru
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


You don’t need romance to have sex—not when a misunderstanding is all it takes to get two people into bed!


Nekoi Hikaru makes his physical J18 Publishing debut with Loveless Sex! Plenty of circumstances other than love can bring two people together, and the seven women between the covers of this tankoubon never could have imagined how they’d end up with their partners…

Don’t worry: you won’t misunderstand what’s waiting for you inside this book! Flowers for Shion stars a young artist and the strange young girl who shows up on his doorstep. He begrudgingly welcomes her companionship, having lost his pet cat Shion in a fire some time ago… and never imagining that someday, she might find her way back to him. Other chapters have more comedic chemistry between their protagonists, like Hiro and Akane in Rent-A-(ex)-Girlfriend! Akane dumps Hiro after catching him with another girl he swears was his sister, but realizes she still loves him… and doesn’t want to let him go without one more night together. Some relationships take a much darker turn, like the love triangle between childhood friends Kai, Take, and Fuzuki in Love Meant to Be. Kai’s always had a crush on Fuzuki, but she’s never been able to get him to act on his affections… so maybe showing him that she and Take are fuckbuddies will finally make him overcome his anxieties. And of course, there’s the three-chapter comedy of errors First-time Tenants and Experienced Managers starring housemates Yu, Sakura, and their landlord’s daughter Yuka! When Yuka barges in on Yu in the house’s single shower, Sakura accidentally finds the two in a compromising position… and then can’t stop thinking about having Yu for herself! But secrets are impossible to keep under the same roof, so the girls will battle it out for Yu’s affections—even if he’s not sure how everything started in the first place! These aren’t the only stories waiting for you inside Loveless Sex, but we guarantee they’re a faithful sample—so instead of fretting, buy yourself a copy today!

J18 Publishing and Nekoi Hikaru are pleased to present this special English edition of Loveless Sex. Presented in the original A5 format, all dialogue and SFX have been fully translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese release—except now, you can appreciate Nekoi Hikaru’s heroines without a single black bar of censorship! We’re happy for you to buy this book because you love it, but a purchase by any other emotion is just as sweet…

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