The Mark of the Cuckoo

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Yukiko and her husband Shuichi have tried for a child for years, with no success. Maybe a strong, handsome fertility specialist is the answer to their problems…


Fujisaki Fujiko makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in The Mark of the Cuckoo! When Yukiko’s husband Shuichi can’t seem to get her pregnant after years of unprotected sex, he sends her to a fertility clinic—where perhaps the charismatic young man in charge can fix that for him.

Yukiko and Shuichi are a happily married couple… except for their lack of children. Yukiko knows how much a child would mean to her husband, but nothing they try seems to work! When a new fertility clinic opens in town, Shuichi sends his wife there without a second thought… and Yukiko learns just how easy her body is to please, even by a stranger’s hands. Maybe it’s not Yukiko’s fault she can’t get pregnant after all—but when she overhears Shuichi tell his mother he’s thinking of divorce if she doesn’t get pregnant soon, she’ll do whatever it takes to keep her marriage with Shuichi intact… even if it means a child that isn’t his.

J18 Publishing and Fujisaki Fujiko are pleased to present this special English edition of The Mark of the Cuckoo. Featuring fully-translated dialogue and SFX, this doujinshi is also presented in the original B5 form factor to preserve everything you loved about the original Japanese version… and now, without all that pesky censorship! This one’s a treat for all you NTR lovers out there, so you’d better secure a copy for yourself… before a handsome massage therapist gets his hands on them first.

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