Naughty Little Nuns 1&2

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Confess your sins, degenerates! Honesty is the best policy, after all…

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Harubaru Haruto makes his English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Naughty Little Nuns 1&2! These three sexy little sisters are here to absolve you of your sins… and maybe relieve you of your cum and leftover cash, while they’re at it.

Sisters Aria, Iris, and Chloe are the custodians of a quiet little church on the outskirts of town… but their piety is far outmatched by their perversions! Aria is an all-around temptress, Iris is a blasphemous buttslut, and Chloe has an anaconda blowjob to put any serpent to shame! When the church’s coffers are depleted by the latter two’s reckless spending, Aria throws together a very special communion to welcome the generous donations of their congregation. The sins of the churchgoers may be cleansed… but that smell isn’t ever coming out of the floorboards.

J18 Publishing and Harubaru Haruto feel blessed to bring you this special English edition of Naughty Little Nuns 1&2. Presented in the original large-format B5 size, this two-in-one anthology features fully-translated and lovingly-lettered dialogue and SFX, preserving everything you loved about the original stories in Japanese… and now, you can appreciate all these sisters have to offer without a single bit of church censorship! Go on, express your piety and make an offering to these sisters yourself…

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