Paranoia Cage Volume 3

Publisher: VAST Visual
Ships from: USA


None of Mizuki’s staff are safe from her shenanigans of the flesh, but you’ll never hear them complain about a dull day at work!


VAST Visual and Coolkyousinnjya return with the third installment of Paranoia Cage! Manga artists are always looking for inspiration, and Mizuki is no exception. While it may be tough to keep her creativity flowing, Mizuki won’t stop scouring every nook and cranny for ideas until she perfects her ultimate adult manga!

In the endless quest for ideas to keep her manga feeling fresh, Mizuki ponders all the behind-the-scenes effort that goes into the pages she produces every month. Whether she’s agonizing over how to allocate her effort when it comes to page layout and the psychology behind hooking new readers or figuring out how to inspire entirely new fetishes within her readership, the efforts Mizuki expends while drawing extends far beyond the borders of the page. In the rapidly-changing landscape of adult manga, it can be a challenge to stay afloat… but Mizuki isn’t going to let anything stop her, and she’s got a team of colleagues and acquaintances to help her along the way!

From Coolkyousinnjya and VAST Visual, Paranoia Cage Volume Three is now available in English! With every Japanese pun preserved and lovingly lettered by hand, this special English edition preserves everything you appreciated about the original Japanese release.

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