How to Steal a Japanese Housewife Book 2

Artist: Kurosu Gatari
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Takanashi Sumire is a Japanese woman living with her deadbeat husband. She makes ends meet by selling sexual services to her neighbor Bob Wild, but that isn’t enough for her to be stolen away from her husband… is it?

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Kurosu Gatari and J18 Publishing are BACK with the second installment of the NTR series Wild Style with Wild Style: How to steal a Japanese Housewife Book 2, with even more sexy housewives and muscular foreigners!

Takanashi Sumire is married to a deadbeat musician, and they have trouble making ends meet. When Sumire’s convenience store job isn’t enough to pay the bills, she turns to compensated dating to make ends meet. Her client is her neighbor Bob Wild, and he’s got money and dick to spare! Can Sumire’s marriage survive this financial arrangement, or will Bob Wild steal Sumire away?

J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari are proud to present the second chapter of this housewife NTR series! This definitive physical edition of Kurosu Gatari’s work is 100% uncensored and printed on high-quality B5 doujinshi paper stock. Grab one before they get stolen away!

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