Alp Switch Omnibus

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Stay away from succubi: they’re fickle, capricious, and guaranteed to make your life a whole lot… harder!

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J18 Publishing is back with another doujinshi from tag team author/artist duo Karasuma Yayoi and Yamagara Tasuku, and this time it’s the Alp Switch Omnibus! When a young man finds himself shacking up with a hungry succubus, he’ll quickly learn that succubi come with secrets… and that their appetites are insatiable!

Shishizaki Yuusuke wishes he could lead a normal life, although his menacing glare and towering stature sure don’t make it easy. But his daily routine is about to be turned upside-down when he inadvertently sets free Alp, a hungry succubus with a bangin’ body! She’s happy to suck Yuusuke dry as her way of saying thank you, but this complementary coitus comes with a catch: after a female succubus takes in cum, they’ve gotta pump it out again as a male incubus! If Yuusuke thought he had it bad before, how’s he going to deal with a gender-flipping semen demon who won’t leave him alone?!

J18 Publishing is proud to partner up with the circle Konoshiro Shinko to release this special sex-filled three-in-one edition of Alp Switch! Printed in the original large-format B5 size, this omnibus combines the first three chapters of Alp Switch into one beautiful volume that faithfully recreates everything there is to love about the Japanese release… of course, minus all that pesky censorship! And don’t worry, at least this doujinshi will stay the same if you bust a fat nut to it… right?

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