The Junior Spellcaster and the Succubus Curse

Artist: Kishiwagashi
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


If you could have great magical power, but only at the cost of insatiable sexual urges… would you take it?


Kishiwagashi makes his physical English-language debut with J18 Publishing in The Junior Spellcaster and the Succubus Curse! A young woman cursed by a succubus learns she can draw on its power to enhance her own magic, at the cost of uncontrollable sexual desires… but she’s unwilling to give it up!

Sue Cornet’s stature isn’t the only small thing about her. No matter how hard she studies, her magical might remains minuscule… until one day a succubus marks her with a powerful curse, bestowing upon Sue the power she’s worked for all her life! But it comes at the cost of insatiable sexual desires—desires that grow stronger and stronger as Sue continues to use her newfound magical abilities! At first, cum is enough to slake her thirst… but soon, the only thing that can satisfy her is a fat cock down her throat. Her hunger grows more and more ravenous, until all Sue can think about is somebody manhandling her cute little body and pounding her pussy into mush! Can this junior spellcaster find the power within herself to break the succubus curse, or will she succumb to the desires of her flesh?!

J18 Publishing and Kishiwagashi are proud to present this special English edition of The Junior Spellcaster and the Succubus Curse. Fully translated and lovingly lettered, this large-format B5 release preserves everything you love about the Japanese version… but now, for the first time ever, you can appreciate Kishiwagashi’s artwork without a single black bar of censorship! Sue Cornet may have to choose between sanity and sexual gratification, but you can have both… if you take this book home with you today.

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