Stop Worrying and Love the Gyarus

Artist: Misaoka
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


If you’re self-conscious of your colossal cock, maybe all you need is two big-boobed girls to show you how to use it!


Misaoka returns to J18 Publishing with a stonking gyaru spectacular, Stop Worrying and Love the Gyarus! When a terminal introvert winds up at a drinking party with two bodacious college girls, they quickly learn that he’s actually just self-conscious of his magnum dong—and they’re determined to have it for themselves!

Ever since Shun was a kid, his colossal cock has brought him nothing but unwanted attention—but now that he’s an adult, he wants some of that attention back! When he lucks his way into a drinking party with busty college girls Junjun and Juri, his wingman is quick to let the girls know about the heat Shun’s packing between his legs before leaving the three alone… and Junjun and Juri are eager to get some hands-on experience with his massive member! Shun may be a virgin, but these two gyarus are ready to show him what he’s been missing—and that means sex, sex, and more sex, all night long!

J18 and Misaoka are pleased to present this special English edition of Stop Worrying and Love the Gyarus. Featuring fully translated, lovingly lettered dialogue and SFX, this release preserves everything you loved about the original Japanese version… but now, you can appreciate Misaoka’s drop-dead gorgeous girls without a single black bar of censorship! If you want to get in on the action with these two mega-cute busty girls, take home your copy of this doujinshi today!

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