Precious Playmates Anthology Book 1

Artist: Mimic
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


For your consideration, we present Turep and Anrakor, our crown jewels of the Desert Sea. Naturally, we will sell them together…


Meticulously crafted and brimming with beautiful character designs, J18 Publishing is proud to present Mimic’s debut English-language release: the Precious Playmates Anthology Book 1. Three stories await betwixt these covers, chronicling the relationship between an unwilling artist-cum-noble… and the two young girls sold into his estate, his Precious Playmates.

Turep and Anrakor are members of the Nightbloom Clan, a reclusive tribe of the Desert Sea… but the two of them are much more partial to the comforts of the surface world than the hardships of their former lives! Together, the two of them join the ranks of the Precious Playmates: the perfect playthings, trained in the ways of housework, etiquette, and the all-important carnal arts before being carefully paired with their eventual master. The girls are sold into the service of a former starving artist, inheritor of a wealthy merchant’s estate, who naively seeks to protect the two from what he sees as the shackles of servitude—but before long, he too will succumb to the temptations of the Nightbloom kin! Precious Playmates may exist without a master… but when a master cannot survive without a Playmate, then who truly is the plaything?

J18 Publishing and Mimic are proud to present this special English edition of Precious Playmates. Every last bit of text in this 132-page, three-in-one doujinshi is translated directly from the original Chinese, ensuring your reading experience is as close as possible to how the artist intended. Featuring fully-translated artist notes, production sketches, and an exclusive three-page interview, this large-format B5 release is the definitive way to appreciate Mimic’s precious playmates… assuming you too share their taste for good things in small packages!

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