Mega Milkies 2

Artist: Tamabon
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


It’s bad enough that these two sexy gyarus won’t let Saeki be with his 2D waifu… but now they’re each competing to be his favorite!


Tamabon returns to J18 with a sequel, Mega Milkies 2! Now that Sasamori and Yamada have had a taste of Saeki’s massive cock, there’s no way they’ll let him go back to being an anti-social nerd! Both girls are ready to take things to the next level, but what happens when Sasamori and Yamada start competing to be Saeki’s favorite?

At school, Saeki Takuo’s a normal guy focused on his grades and video games… but once the bell rings, he heads home to two busty gyarus who can’t keep their hands off him! But while Saeki has come to accept his new life of getting wrung dry every day, Sasamori and Yamada want more—and each girl is prepared to steal Saeki away for herself! Sasamori tries ambushing him during the school day to squeeze in a quickie in the bathrooms while Yamada’s not around, and Yamada takes advantage of Sasamori being held back after school to get an extra round in at Saeki’s home! Their fierce competition threatens to squeeze every last drop of cum out of Saeki… but how on earth will he be able to choose between the two?

J18 Publishing and Tamabon are pleased to present this special English edition of Mega Milkies 2! This full-color, B5-size doujinshi is fully translated and lovingly lettered, preserving everything you loved about the original Japanese release… except now, you can enjoy Tamabon’s sexy gyarus without a single black bar of censorship! And unlike Saeki, you don’t have to choose: take home both these girls in paperback form today!

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