How to Steal a Japanese Housewife Book 3

Artist: Kurosu Gatari
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Kaede and Sumire meet for the first time at a family reunion of their black, muscled brand-new boyfriends: the brothers Bob and Michael Wild! Sumire’s eager for them all to get closer, so what better way than how Bob and Michael snared them to begin with?


J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari return with the third installment of the Wild Style series with How to steal a Japanese Housewife Book 3! Bob, Michael, Kaede, and Sumire are all between the same covers at last, for a girlfriend-swapping extravaganza with double the housewives and double the BBC!

No longer trapped in a loveless marriage or stuck with a deadbeat boyfriend, Kamozoe Kaede and Takanashi Sumire are two ladies wildly in love with their boyfriends! They’ve fallen for American brothers Bob and Michael Wild, and it’s easy to see why—who wouldn’t fall for these two tall, muscular, handsome, and hung men? And the feeling is mutual: Bob and Michael feel they’ve found true love too, and are eager to introduce one another to their Japanese girlfriends! Sumire takes a liking to Kaede almost immediately, the two women bonding over their similar pasts and even more similar presents. Since Bob’s the best lover Sumire’s ever had, she’s eager to see how Michael stacks up when he’s going to town on Kaede… and what better way to get close to your potential sister-in-law than a foursome?

J18 Publishing and Kurosu Gatari are delighted to present the third chapter of this housewife not-so-NTR series! This definitive physical edition of Kurosu Gatari’s work is 100% uncensored and printed on high-quality B5 doujinshi paper stock, faithfully recreating every sexy moan and SFX you loved in the original Japanese release.

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