Harem Paradise in Another World

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A harem paradise in another world? It’s more likely to happen to you than you’d think!

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Did you feel like you wanted more after reading Akatsuki Myuuto’s Japanese-language tankoubon, Isekai Harem Paradise? Well, J18 and Akatsuki Myuuto are getting together to deliver you a self-published bonus story to add to this saga! Whether you’ve read the original tankoubon or not, this is a sexy story you’re sure to savor!

Moteuchi Kei is a young man from our world, who one day finds himself summoned into the fantasy world of his favorite videogame, Harem Paradise! This world is filled with buxom babes… and ONLY buxom babes, without a man in sight to help replenish the population! So you know what that means: Kei has to breed as many women as he can!

In this extra after story, Kei travels to a new country, a theocracy run by nuns who have all sworn an oath of celibacy! To fulfill his mission, how will Kei convince this celibate nation to mate with him to save their population?!

This sixty-page book filled with sexy, breedable nuns is the result of a collaboration between J18 Publishing and wonderful artist Akatsuki Myuuto! Now, for the first time ever, you can read the continuation to the Harem Paradise series in English! Printed in the same format as the Japanese original but without any pesky censorship, this doujinshi is perfect for fans of Akatsuki Myuuto’s amazing art!

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