Girl In A Box Figure + Doujinshi Set

Publishers: J18, Marchen Punch
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For the thinking man, who wishes he could enjoy all the beauty of a woman without any of the lip!

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J18 Publishing and Sakura Yuki are getting together to bring you their Girl In A Box doujinshi, but that’s not all: we’re bundling it together with a super-special 1/6 scale figure from Marchen Punch! This one-two combo’s a clear winner for the bondage bunch—we bet you’ll be snared by this figure and doujinshi set!

Girl In A Box 1+2 is exactly what it purports to be on the cover: your dream girl, delivered straight to your home! These first two full-color chapters of Sakura Yuki’s series feature two discerning buyers, eager to pose their new purchases and display them in their homes. So long as they’ve got the money, they don’t bother thinking too hard about where that purchase of yours might have come from: the customer is always right, and doesn’t want to waste a moment before getting down to enjoying their purchase!

But wait, there’s more: in addition to this two-in-one doujinshi, a special 1/6 scale figure from Marchen Punch is included in this set! Featuring original character Nanami Hazuki, this tied-up custom figure comes with fully-removable clothing… not that she’s wearing much of it to begin with! You may not be able to own your very own life-size girl in a box yet, but this figure should be just the thing to tide you over.

J18 Publishing, Sakura Yuki, and Marchen Punch are all delighted to bring you the Girl In A Box figure + doujinshi combo. The doujinshi features the first two chapters of Girl In A Box, available for the first time in full-color! Every last SFX and dialogue bubble has been translated and lettered into English, and the original B5 large-format size factor is preserved in this exclusive English edition. The figure itself is high-quality PVC/ABS plastic, designed in Japan and an excellent 1/6 scale rendition of Sakura Yuki’s original characters. This figure and this full-color English edition of Sakura Yuki’s work is only available as this two-in-one set, so you don’t need to decide which one you’d like to buy first! We bet you’re already picturing where you’d like to put her in your home…

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