Cucked on the Third Day of Comiket

Artist: Akagi Kuro
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Your wife’s a sexy cosplayer, but she’s not into any of those other industry guys! You’re her one and only… right?


Akagi Kuro makes their English-language debut with J18 Publishing in Cucked on the Third Day of Comiket! They say opposites attract, but this bodacious cosplayer can’t resist the chance to be with someone in her own league!

Saya loves dressing up in costumes that show lots of skin, and her husband Toshio couldn’t be more supportive! He’s not the most generously endowed, but the two of them make a very happy couple… that is, until Saya has a chance encounter with industry influencer Dick Kurosawa at an after-party. He’s tall, muscular, and packing some serious heat in his pants—everything that Toshio isn’t! Maybe sucking him off while her husband sleeps off the after-party booze was a momentary lapse in judgement, but she can’t use the same excuse for letting him fuck her in a convention bathroom! Can Toshio win back his wife, or will Saya surrender herself to Dick’s advances?!

J18 Publishing and Akagi Kuro are pleased to present this English edition of Cucked on the Third Day of Comiket. With fully translated and lettered dialogue and SFX, this original-size B5 release preserves everything you loved about the Japanese version… except now, you can enjoy this NTR experience without a single black bar of censorship! Dick may have taken Toshio’s girl, but you won’t have to worry about anyone taking this doujinshi from you if you buy a copy today…

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