Witch of Depravity: How the Young Hero and a Tiny Elf Fell Victim to a Sorceress

Artist: Carradine
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


A witch is corrupting the minds of innocent villagers across the land! Can warrior Astel and mage Liscia combine their powers to defeat her?!

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Get ready to delve into the richly-colored and detailed fantasy world of Carradine’s first-ever English doujinshi, Witch of Depravity!

When a witch appears and begins corrupting the minds of hard-working, industrious villagers, a party of adventurers bands together to stop her! Led by human warrior Astel and elven mage Liscia, they make it to the witch’s stronghold… only for the witch to reveal the true depths of her powers, and the nature of the corruption she has brought upon their people! Will Astel, Liscia, and their party make it out of the witch’s stronghold alive?!

J18 Publishing and Carradine are proud to present this beautiful full-color doujinshi, presented for the first time ever in print! This English-only physical edition is also 100% uncensored, perfect for any fan of Carradine’s fantastic art. Buy a copy, and sink into the depths of corruption yourself…

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