The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T Duty: Stopping Lewd and Unethical Tomfoolery Vol. 2

Artist: Amano Don
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


If the girl on S.L.U.T. duty is off the clock, a sexy tanned S.L.U.T. substitute should do just fine!


Amano Don is back, and he’s bringing his second volume of The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty! If you give a horny high school boy a dedicated girl to keep his desires in check, you’d better have a backup in mind in case she has to take a day off…

Izumi Shinji and Sakurai Hana have a special relationship. He’s the only boy at an all-girls high school, and she’s the hall monitor on S.L.U.T. duty! Sakurai does a great job of tending to Izumi’s sexual needs, but one day she takes a break from her duties, leaving Izumi hornier than ever. As if that weren’t bad enough, Izumi has a chance run-in with Kitamura Chika: the tennis team captain, who’s been practicing so hard that she’s got some seriously pent-up sexual needs of her own! Forget stopping lewd and unethical tomfoolery: Kitamura’s here to START some!

J18 Publishing is proud to team up with Amano Don again for their third original doujinshi release! Printed at the same high quality as the original Japanese B5 release but without an ounce of censorship, this special English edition of The Hall Monitor on S.L.U.T. Duty Volume 2 is the ultimate way to dive into Amano Don’s sexy schoolgirl series!

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