My Girlfriend

Artist: Fugutake
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Kaz and Ellie are childhood friends-cum-fuckbuddies, reluctant to admit their romantic feelings to one another. But they’ve still got time, right?


J18 Publishing is proud to support Fugutake’s physical English-language debut doujinshi, My Girlfriend! Even after two childhood friends add benefits to their relationship, they’re not quite ready to take things to the next level… but will they be able to admit their attraction to one another before their youthful fling runs its course?

Kazuki and Elina are more than just childhood friends: a chance encounter with a porno mag was the kick they needed to start exploring the sexual side of life, and they’ve been happy fuckbuddies for eight years! Kaz is a two-pump chump with gargantuan loads and Ellie’s a notorious squirter, so the two make a perfect pair… but neither is ready to admit they’re ready to make the leap to being boyfriend and girlfriend. Once Kazuki realizes other guys might have their eye on Elina (and she might have her eye on them) will he be able to convince his childhood friend of his true feelings, or will it be too late for him to make his move?

J18 Publishing and Fugutake are pleased to present this special English edition of My Girlfriend. This doujinshi is presented in the original large-format B5 size, with every line of dialog and SFX translated and lettered to preserve what you loved about the original Japanese version. The only alteration to the original is the removal of all that pesky censorship! Don’t risk missing out on this doujinshi like Kaz risks missing out on Ellie: pick up your copy today!

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