How I Charmed the Prim and Proper President

Artist: Inagita
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


If you learned you could charm any woman into letting you have her, why would you ever stop?


Doushoku and Inagita return to J18 Publishing with a sequel, How I Charmed the Prim and Proper President! Our protagonist has proven he can make his childhood friend do whatever he pleases, but how will his powers fare against a woman made of seemingly sterner stuff?

Yuu’s had great success charming his childhood friend Yume into serving herself up to him on a silver platter, but he’s looking to test his powers further! His next target is none other than student council president Hinozaka Asahi: she’s prim, proper, from a wealthy family, and knows every student by name. Yuu thinks he’s found himself a challenge… but the truth is, Asahi’s more eager to make her pleasure his own than our protagonist can possibly imagine.

J18 and Doushoku are proud to partner up again for this English edition of How I Charmed the Prim and Proper President! Published in the original B5 format, fully translated into English down to the last SFX, and without an ounce of censorship, this sequel doujinshi will keep you riveted to the page… and keep you hungry for more!

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