Gigadick Futa Fight Night

Artist: Teterun
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


First rule of gigadick futa fight night: don’t tell anyone about gigadick futa fight night.


Teterun returns to J18 Publishing with yet another colossal girlcock compilation, Gigadick Futa Fight Night! When several students of Halfmoon High are abducted by the School of Hard Cocks, star pupils Chichioka Iku and Uno Daia are dispatched to get their girls back… but they’ll have to overcome some superhuman schlongs to succeed!

Following in the footsteps of Colossal Cock Champions and The Complete Mega-Sized Collection, Gigadick Futa Fight Night is for lovers of comically large futanari phalluses! Chichioka Iku and Uno Daia from Halfmoon High are on a quest to rescue their abducted classmates from the School of Hard Cocks, where they’ll face off against futanari powerhouses Hachimoto Kako and Ino! Kako may be short of stature, but there’s nothing small about the meaty member between her legs… and Inon is a giantess of a woman, with the colossal cock to match! Chichioka and Uno may be full of confidence now, but in a couple hours the only thing they’ll be filled with is enough futanari cum to split a lesser woman in two!

J18 Publishing and Teterun are giggling to themselves as they present you with this special four-in-one English edition of Gigadick Futa Fight Night. Presented in the original large-format B5 size and featuring fully-translated SFX and dialog, this release preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese version… and now, you can appreciate Teterun’s absolutely massive members without a single black bar of censorship! Take on the girls of the School of Hard Cocks yourself, but at your peril…

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