Necrophilis Omnibus

Artist: Ohagisan
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


This staggeringly beautiful five-in-one hardcover anthology explores the sexual relationships between those who possess life, and those who crave it…

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From wickedly talented artist Ohagisan comes this beautiful hardcover collection of five separate stories, blending gorgeous artwork with deeply moving stories and striking characters.

Chapter one is CoppĂ©lia Brothel, the story about a young boy who inherits the legacy of his grandfather the Great Patriot: a grand, sweeping mansion filled with decommissioned military gynoids collected throughout the duration of his military career. The young boy is contemptuous of his grandfather and his inheritance, though he takes interest in his grandfather’s most trusted gynoid, the beautiful Chinoisen Fleur. However, is there more to her than meets the eye?

Chapter two is Necrophilis, the story of a corpse huntsman of the Far East who finds themselves unemployed… due to a lack of both corpses to find, and humans by whom to be hired. With their personal jiangshi in tow, this corpse huntsman sets off for the Occident in search of the living… but are they prepared to handle undead born from the Western religions?

Chapter three is Chinoiserie Doll, the story of a young man who returns to his late grandfather’s mansion with a strange censer said to bridge the world between dolls and the living. His grandfather maintained a splendid collection of chinois dolls in life, but what does this young man seek to achieve by allowing these dolls to enter his world?

Chapter four is No Life Kingdom, the story of a soldier who finds himself in a strange land without the slightest idea of how he arrived. He meets sisters Xiezhi and Ubume, two gorgeous prostitutes of the magnificent palace of Tianhou, who cajole him off the streets and into their bed for a night filled with passion… but what is the nature of Tianhou, and how truly did he get there?

Chapter five is Marti and the Chinoiserie Brothel, the story of a boy who delights in trying on his father’s tremendous collection of Victorian dresses. There is one woman in the house who Marti would love to see model his father’s collection, his maid Mary… but watching her change, Marti might be interested in more than just trying on dresses.

J18 Publishing and Ohagisan have collaborated together in order to create this stunning, hardcover English edition of the Necrophilis Omnibus. For the first time ever, Ohagisan’s work can now be read without censorship, just the way as it was intended. At 172 pages long, this hard-cover doujinshi is a true work of art, and not one anybody will want to miss.

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