Kaisen Chuui Sticker Set #1

Artist: Kaisen Chuui
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Their eyes are up here, but so are a few other things…


From Kaisen Chuui’s spectacular artbook The Ultimate Himopan Collection, this four-sticker set takes his busty original characters straight off the printed page and into the real world! Featuring four different original characters, this sticker set expresses Kaisen Chuui’s self-professed love for big boobs about to burst out of the clothing which contains them—and now’s your chance to show that you’re a kindred spirit! Grab the Kaisen Chuui Sticker Set #1 today, and spread the word of boob supremacy!

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Shipping Size 12.573 × 10.5156 × 1 cm


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