Tokyo Interstellar Immigration Volume 2

Publisher: VAST Visual
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Lein and Ann have their hands full helping Earth’s alien population stay on the straight and narrow! But bad influences are all around, and the duo may end up bending a few rules themselves…


Mado Guchimoto screeches back onto shelves with Tokyo Interstellar Immigration Volume 2! VAST Visual is proud to present the English adaptation of this science fiction stunner ‘s second volume, as the connections between its colorful characters grow ever deeper and more intertwined…

With the emergence of the Faceman, the bureau is buzzing with activity! But the rest of the world won’t wait for agents Lein and Ann as they hunt for the mastermind behind Hein’s false imprisonment: a group of shady smugglers is committing visa fraud to get disposable drivers for their operation, and a snuff streamer is looking for straitlaced government agents she can goad into breaking their own laws! And lurking deep in the shadows, an old alien assassin made good is forced back into action by a former employer who threatens his adopted teenage daughter, putting him directly on a collision course with the bureau’s high-school agents…

Mado Guchimoto and VAST Visual are pleased to present this special oversized edition of Tokyo Interstellar Immigration Volume 2! With careful care paid to every secret pop-culture reference (keep both eyes open) and every massive, full-page hand-lettered SFX, this English translation of Mado’s manga is an experience not to be missed!

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