The Little Elf and the Savage Beastmen

Artist: Carradine
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


A young elf has grown tired of her mundane village life. When three rugged-looking beastmen happen upon the outskirts of town, she jumps at the chance for a new experience…

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Are you ready to reenter Carradine’s fantasy universe in The Little Elf and the Savage Beastman? Featuring a returning cast of characters, this gorgeous doujinshi is a spiritual successor to his previous book Witch of Depravity!

Liscia’s hometown is doing just fine, despite what outsiders may think of the Witch of Depravity. However, young elf Seria has grown tired of sex with the village elves. She fantasizes about other races and what sex with them might be like… and when three travelling beastmen appear on the outskirts of her village, she has a chance to find out for real. She guides them to a vacant lodge where they can spend the night, and decides to experience things she never could back in her village…

J18 Publishing and Carradine are teaming up again to bring you another beautiful full-color doujinshi, again for the first time ever in print! This English-only physical edition is 100% uncensored, for Carradine’s loyal fans who want to experience his artwork as intended!

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