Runaway Elf

Artist: Suisui
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Four different tales of captured elves await you in this four-in-one anthology by Suisui!

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Suisui and J18 Publishing are proud to present this definitive physical edition of the Runaway Elf Anthology! Available in print for the first time, this translated and fully uncensored anthology is a work you won’t want to miss!

The star of these stories is Iyo Dacquoise, a young elf at eighteen years of age. In each of these four stories, she faces off against a slave-trading organization: Billion Rutz, a sprawling conglomerate trading in illegal sex and drugs and exotic species. Every story follows a different timeline as Iyo faces against a different arm of Billion Rutz, and is filled with details about the universe in which these stories take place.

In chapter one, watch her face off against the slave trainers, where scientist Elgo Ottoman tries to turn Iyo into a brainwashed sex slave. In chapter two, read how she gets forced to compete in a gladiator-style arena where the loser is forced to have sex with their opponent. In chapter three, see Iyo try to infiltrate a religious movement in hopes of uncovering its links to Billion Rutz, but priest Hans Reining attempt to hypnotize her and turn her into his personal plaything. And in chapter four, watch Iyo attempt to infiltrate a slave auction to win the freedom of her friend Mel Sachertorte, and end up being purchased herself by billionaire Aaron Seagram!

This beautiful four-in-one anthology is the product of a collaborative effort between J18 Publishing and Suisui, an English edition meticulously reproduced with the exact quality of the original Japanese release. Now, you can enjoy Suisui’s work in print without any censorship!

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