Paranoia Cage Volume 2

Publisher: VAST Visual
Ships from: USA


Nothing’s worse than twitter antis… and now they’re coming for the hot new adult manga artist on the block!


VAST Visual and Coolkyousinnjya are back with the second installment of Paranoia Cage! Mizuki’s manga is flying off the shelves–in fact, she might even have to hire a second assistant just to keep up. But the world of manga is feast or famine… and little does Mizuki know, a storm of internet drama is brewing that could finish her career forever!

There’s no rest for an adult manga artist: whether it’s dealing with editorial oversight while avoiding internet haters, or struggling to keep the creative juices flowing while managing deadlines, every day brings with it a new challenge. As Mizuki continues to chisel out her position in an industry filled with artists jockeying to prove their worth, she’ll continue to explore all the challenges that come with being one of the top manga artists in her field! She’ll just have to hope that her wealth of new life experiences don’t begin to affect how she draws…

From Coolkyousinnjya and VAST Visual, Paranoia Cage Volume Two is now available in English! With every in-joke translated and every comedic SFX recreated by hand, this special English edition preserves everything there is to love about the original Japanese release.

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