Otohime Diver Volume 1

Artist: Okito Endo
Publisher: VAST Visual
Ships from: USA


School commute is by monorail over the ocean, their homeroom teacher doubles as diving instructor, and extracurricular activities are between sea cucumber fishing and the gourmand barnacle band… but these girls take it in stride, chasing their future into the great blue beyond!


VAST Visual proudly presents Okito Endo’s debut original tankoubon, Otohime Diver Volume 1! Sixteen years after the great hydroseism, nearly the entire world has sunken beneath the seas… but that won’t stop Tatsumiya Minato from following her dream of becoming a high school student at the Enoshima Women’s Ocean Academy!

Otohime Diver is a blend of science-fiction and fantasy, jam-packed with beautiful backgrounds and compelling characters. Buddy up with Tatsumiya Minato and her classmates as they enter a breathtakingly deep and dark world to pursue their diving dreams! The ocean may be an inseparable part of their lives, but that won’t stop these four girls from enjoying a proper high school experience. Their commute to school may be by monorail over the sea, their homeroom teacher may double as their diving instructor, and their extracurricular activities may be a choice between sea cucumber fishing and the gourmand barnacle band… but they’ll take it all in stride as they chase their future into the great blue beyond!

VAST Visual is pleased to bring you this special English edition of Otohime Diver Volume 1. With every last bit of dialog and SFX translated into English, you can appreciate everything you loved about the original Japanese release, now in English! The only departure from the Japanese version is the physical size: we’ve taken the original guppy-sized B6 book and turned it into a whale of a B5 behemoth, so you can appreciate Okito Endo’s gorgeous backgrounds and character design like never before!

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