Maiden Singularity

Artist: BLVEFO9
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Sex with your students is just one of the perks of being an administrator at Shrivatsa Academy—so long as you’re able to handle them…


BLVEFO9 makes their physical English debut with J18 Publishing in Maiden Singularity! Dive into 250 glorious full-color pages and uncover the mysteries of Shrivatsa Academy’s new administrator—he’s quite popular with the female students, even though they aren’t aware of his true purpose…

Meet Pothagan Havas, new administrator at Shrivatsa Academy. The day he arrives, headmaster Rita Thi Bubalus immediately makes the terms of his employment clear: so long as he can obtain their consent, he has permission to have sex with any girl at the academy! Pothagan’s students are eager to join him in bed, and other members of the academy encourage him to take advantage of his privileges… like overseer Donoma, a scientist interested in collecting the mysterious energy generated when his students orgasm, and studying the mysterious powers they manifest when they awaken afterward. But when Pothagan isn’t surrounded by his naked students, he’s being drawn into the power struggle between Shrivatsa’s leadership, the student-run disciplinary committee, and even other academies—each with their own administrators, and powerful students who are just as eager to please them! As Pothagan endears himself to his students and makes himself indispensable to Shrivatsa in the process, what further secrets will he uncover about the academy, its students, and his fellow staff members?

BLVEFO9 and J18 Publishing are proud to present this special English edition of Maiden Singularity. Every dialogue bubble and SFX has been fully translated and lettered, preserving the original reading experience to the greatest extent possible—and of course, this gorgeously-illustrated release is presented completely uncensored. Who knows what will awaken inside you after you read Maiden Singularity…?

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