Kidnapped and Confined

Artist: Oomi Takeshi
Ships from: USA


Umehara Aya has a secret admirer, but he’s no an ordinary boy with a crush.


Oomi Takeshi partners up with J18 Publishing for their English doujinshi debut, Kidnapped and Confined! It doesn’t matter if your crush doesn’t know you exist—that just means she’ll never see you coming when you take her for yourself…

Umehara Aya doesn’t have a boyfriend, at least not one she knows about! Good luck telling that to her stalker, though: his PC is filled with videos of her, and his bedroom is plastered with her pictures. But when Aya’s stalker learns that she might actually like another boy, he decides he has to move quickly—and once he has her within his clutches, he makes sure she’ll never be able to leave him…

Doushoku and J18 Publishing are pleased to present this special English edition of Kidnapped and Confined. Presented in the original B5 format, all dialogue and SFX have been translated and lettered to preserve everything you loved about the Japanese edition—and now, you can appreciate Oomi Takeshi’s artwork without a single black bar of censorship. Aya might be off the table, but you can take home your copy of this doujinshi today…

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