Compatibility 2 – Sticky, Intimate Sex Between Two Childhood Friends

Artist: Miyabi
Publisher: J18
Ships from: USA


Worries about physical compatibility have been banished from the minds of these two young lovers… so why not go at it again?


Miyabi and J18 Publishing are back with the next installment of Reina and Yō’s story in Compatibility 2! After proving to one another that they’re a perfect match, the two of them still have daylight to burn—and decide to pick right back up where they left off!

Yō’s learned how to be slow, steady and compassionate… which means he and Reina are primed and ready for their third sexual experience together! Exploring every inch of each other’s bodies, discovering new position after new position, they channel their unbridled desires into the most steamy, passionate sex they can muster! Dripping with sweat, gasping for breath, this is a sexual encore Yō and Reina will never forget!

J18 Publishing and Miyabi are delighted to present Compatibility 2, all ninety-two full-color pages of it! Like the installment which came before, this special English edition marks the first time Compatibility 2 has ever been printed—and of course, every single page is totally uncensored. If tooth-achingly sweet vanilla is what you’ve been craving, this is the doujinshi to sate that sweet tooth!

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